Equity and Trusts in Australia

Bryan, Michael

For sale by Peter for $70

Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan, Vicki Vann, Susan Barkehall Thomas

For sale by Amrekha for $80

Equity and Trusts

Tina Cockburn, Tracey Carver, Anne Matthew

For sale by Ben for $35

Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan, Vicki Vann, Susan Barkehall Thomas

For sale by Alfonso for $70

Equity and Trusts in Australia

Michael Bryan et al

For sale by Abi for $50


S. J. Thomas, Susan Barkehall Thomas, Vicki Vann

For sale by Hannah for $26


Tina Cockburn, Melinda Shirley

For sale by Hannah for $25

2017 Equity & Trusts Notes

Written by Stephanie

Comprehensive class notes; principles and cases. Easy reading.

106 pages, 53700 words

Very comprehensive Equity and Trust notes (HD)

Written by Marian

Very comprehensive notes. The materials are a blend of class notes, online seminars and book. I g...

176 pages, 84259 words

2017 Equity & Trusts Case List

Written by Stephanie

Concise summary of cases

42 pages, 35000 words


Written by Odelia

DISTINCTION - JURD7285 NOTES FOR FINALS - Comprehensive and concise notes for content covered in J...

110 pages, 78664 words

2019 JURD 7285 Equity and Trusts Exam Notes

Written by Terence

The notes are comprehensive and contain all important cases and steps which are useful for doing y...

38 pages, 18009 words

Flow Chart for JURD7285

Written by Gary

Equity is a hard subject which includes many topics to consider when you dealing with the question....

8 pages, 766 words

Equity and Trust Notes - 2019 Semester 1

Written by Adam

Complete Notes for Equity and Trust 2019 Semester 1 Contents EQUITY & TRUSTS 1 Introduction to...

64 pages, 39410 words

NewExamFormat -Mark82 JURD7285 LAWS 2385 Equity n Trust Exam Note

Written by Morgan

Got 82 for Equity & Trust where the fail rate is about 40% in my semester All you need to know fo...

29 pages, 21488 words


Written by Sam

There is no doubt that equity is one of the hardest law courses you will have to do during your law...

64 pages, 25881 words

HD Equity and Trusts Comprehensive Notes

Written by Rosie

These notes are comprehensive and easy to understand. They include summarised case briefs of the mai...

94 pages, 26000 words


$90 per hour

Hi, I'm currently a practising lawyer at a top-tier law firm and looking to tutor law students to he...