Resolving Civil Disputes

M. Legg

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Civil Procedure in New South Wales

Ilija Vickovitch, Miiko Kumar, Michael Legg

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Resolving Civil Disputes

M. Legg

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Resolving Civil Disputes

M. Legg

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Resolving Civil Disputes


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Written by Melissa

I created and used these notes in Term 1 2019 to achieve a HIGH DISTINCTION in RCD. This includes bo...

136 pages, 53819 words

Comprehensive RCD Notes

Written by Baiyun

Covers 14 topics of RCD course. Including Summary of Theoretical Articles.

202 pages, 59253 words

RCD Comprehensive Notes - HD

Written by Rosie

These notes are comprehensive and will be all you will need to do well in RCD. They include summaris...

204 pages, 63496 words

JURD7271 RCD...with structure! final mark of 86

Written by Hannah

The way this subject is taught is very random and lacks structure. It brings in concepts from here a...

71 pages, 54000 words

RCD Notes - Distinction

Written by Kieran

Summarised exam take in notes for problem question and a little for the essay. I have included at...

109 pages, 80053 words

2017 Resolving Civil Disputes Exam Notes

Written by Stephanie

Concise notes for RCD exam

34 pages, 16881 words

2017 Resolving Civil Disputes Notes

Written by Stephanie

Comprehensive class notes with full summary of readings and cases

119 pages, 59172 words


Written by Jenna

Excellent Dinstinction quality RCD notes. Includes textbook notes, supplementary material notes, cas...

260 pages, 56000 words

JURD7271 - [HIGH DISTINCTION] Complete summary of entire new course content (including important content from lecture notes, textbook & other vital resources) - Content simplified & structured

Written by Isobel

I have summarised the entire course content in a simplified manner by combining important informatio...

74 pages, 29041 words

Resolving Civil Disputes Notes - High Distinction Quality

Written by Eros

Clear, complete and concise exam notes set out in an easy to use format including legal principles,...

123 pages, 53824 words


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Hey! I'm Emma, and I'm currently studying Juris Doctor at UNSW. ✅ Average Distinction for all law...