Corporations and Financial Markets Law

Paul Redmond

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Distinction EXAM NOTES

Written by Kieran

A very focused set of notes for use in the exam and in conjunction with the hard copy version of the...

32 pages, 13967 words

JURD7224 Business Associations - High Distinction Quality Exam Notes

Written by Adriana

These are the perfect Business Associations notes! I have summarised and simplified the entirety...

62 pages, 25240 words


Written by Emily

This is the only thing I walked into the exam with, and it helped me score 93% on the final BA exam....

63 pages, 22056 words

2018 Business Association Notes

Written by Stephanie

Comprehensive notes for class preparation, includes case summaries and summaries of theoretical arti...

204 pages, 77170 words

HD Business Associations Notes from Deans List student

Written by Tom

High quality notes in a well organised document. Please refer to the sample file for an example of q...

77 pages, 23654 words

BA study notes

Written by Zach

comprehensive study note

130 pages, 60000 words

Business Associations Notes

Written by Electra

Comprehensive summary of the course. Clear, easy-to-follow and highly visual structure aiding memory...

91 pages, 49229 words

Excellent Business Associations Exam Notes

Written by Nicky

Clear and concise notes for exam in a tabular format with critical questions and starting point for...

44 pages, 21649 words


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