Legislation and Statutory Interpretation

Kath Hall, Claire Elizabeth Macken

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2017 HD Admin Law Notes

Written by Andrew

Comprehensive notes from the textbook and case materials. Notes are for the new curriculum. Als...

94 pages, 44338 words

2017 Admin Law Notes

Written by Stephanie

Comprehensive class notes and summary of readings from textbook and case materials from second semes...

111 pages, 53898 words

2017 Admin Law Exam Notes

Written by Stephanie

Concise exam notes

24 pages, 13306 words

2017 Admin Law Exam Notes

Written by Stephanie

Concise summary of admin law for exam policy questions

23 pages, 13306 words

JURD 7160 / LAWS 1160 Comprehensive Exam Notes (New Curriculum + New Textbook)

Written by C

Complete notes for Administrative Law (New Curriculum + New Textbook). Distinction quality. Thes...

143 pages, 74676 words

Administrative Law Notes

Written by Electra

Comprehensive summary of the course. Clear, easy-to-follow and highly visual structure aiding memory...

145 pages, 55907 words

Admin Law Study Note

Written by Zach

Comprehensive and clear

151 pages, 70000 words

Excellent Administrative Law Exam Notes - Clear and Concise

Written by Nicky

Clear and concise admin law (JURD7160) notes arranged topic wise. Short exam-friendly language.

33 pages, 17219 words

Administrative Law - Class Notes

Written by Nicky

Detailed class and revision notes for admin law. Neatly structured and include all cases.

144 pages, 74034 words

admin law notes

Written by Natalie

excellent notes guided by greg weekes. aimed specifically for the exam

109 pages, 37540 words


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exp. Qualif. sol. Hons Law. 2006 (LLB/LP)(Hons) BSc (Hons in Immunology) IMDT (dietitian APD) MHN (...