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HD Public Law Notes

HD notes for Principles of Public Law @ UNSW.

72 pages, 36464 words


JURD7141 - PRINCIPLES OF PUBLIC LAW NOTES FOR FINALS - Concise and comprehensive notes for finals...

37 pages, 20070 words

Public Law Exam Notes

These notes are centered around the central themes of the Introduction to Public Law course, includi...

47 pages, 25000 words


I used these notes to receive a High Distinction Mark (86) in Public Law in 2016. These notes hav...

182 pages, 71560 words

2016 Principles of Public Law Exam Notes

Concise summary of public law for exam

35 pages, 17786 words

Distinction Public Law Exam Notes

Concise Exam Summary for Public Law

35 pages, 17786 words

Distinction Public Law Notes

Complete readings summary, in concise format.

105 pages, 41850 words

HD: Complete Principles of Public Law notes

Completed for s2 2016 exam. HD result 88. Colour coded (cases, legislation and theory texts) and wit...

119 pages, 40000 words

the note for Principle of Public Law

- Introduction and Overview of the Australian System of Public Law - Constitutionalism and the Rul...

76 pages, 34887 words


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Sincerely I find anything related to law to be very simple, I did not need help of anyone to pass this subject. Overall this was an amazing subject that I passed seamlessly

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

A great introduction to the Australian legal system and the history behind it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Great subject which adequately includes all essential elements of Australia's public law system. Much better now that it has moved to a critical theory perspective rather than practical application. Potentially difficult for some overseas students

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016