Ethics and Legal Professionalism in Australia

Baron, Paula

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HIGH DISTINCTION - Lawyers, Ethics and Justice note - VERY DETAILED

I used these notes to receive a High Distinction Mark (86) in Lawyers, Ethics and Justice in 2022....

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Best thing about this subject was going to the KLC. I would 100% go to the Advice Night and avoid the video assessment - it is the only good thing about the course. You do not get to pick your group members for the group assignment and if you are stuck with a bad group - too bad. Also, if you do your group assignment after week 7 they automatically take a mark from you. The final exam was also really hard and required A LOT of effort. You can 100% get away with not doing the readings for this course, but don't forget to do the modules as they count towards your CP. Modules are annoying and take about an hour to do. Also we were told to 'do the RECOMMENDED readings if you want a good mark'. Brace yourselves.

Anonymous, Term 3, 2023