Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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Criminal Laws

Professor David Brown

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criminal laws exam flowchart

Written by R

useful flowchart to bring to exam

7 pages, 1000 words

Criminal Laws Reading Notes

Written by Sean

These are the notes I have compiled from the class reading list as required for the final exam. It i...

91 pages, 32510 words

Criminal Laws Summary - Solid D notes

Written by Ben

These notes cover all topics in Criminal Laws and includes answer structures, common law and statute...

22 pages, 10550 words


Written by Odelia

JURD7122 CRIMINAL LAWS TABLES FOR FINALS - Comprehensive and concise tables for offences and defenc...

29 pages, 17767 words

Comprehensive Criminal Laws Notes - Problem Question

Written by Jessica Emily

Essential and comprehensive notes for the criminal laws problem question! All of Chuan's diagrams...

114 pages, 51000 words

Distinction-14-Page-FINAL EXAM NOTE for Crime2

Written by Theo

- Just 14 pages and contains all examinable topics. Highly concentrated and structured. - Everythi...

14 pages, 8500 words

Nice Formation/Colorful highlights JURD 7122 Criminal Laws final notes

Written by Ema

NIce Formation Colourful highlights for different information Better to extract different authorit...

14 pages, 5104 words

Exam-Ready Criminal Law Notes (for problem question) - with Useful Flowcharts

Written by James

Notes from the whole semester. Includes extremely useful flowcharts, making it easy to find the test...

20 pages, 4563 words

Criminal Process

Written by Lizzy

Consent to Assault Common Assault Aggravated forms of assault Aggravated forms of assault (cont);...

83 pages, 46000 words

Problem question notes

Written by Kieran

My breakdown of the course for the problem question, including all relevant provisions and all case...

31 pages, 16994 words


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Good balance between black letter law vs theory. Easy to get a good mark if the effort is put in

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017