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INFS1603 Final Notes & SQL Summary!

These notes were created during Semester 2, 2016 based off the the latest version of the textbook, t...

53 pages, 17661 words


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- poorly laid out course, not organised - too much to expect for first timers with computer - technical subject that has a mix of rote learning, but the tutor was nice and gave out decent marks. - final was a nightmare with the takehome exam --> should only be 2hrs long but spent the whole day trying to do it - i personally regretted taking this subject as this was not something i would choose if i didn't, but i didn't have a choice due to electives - as above point, so far the one taint on my academic record i hate (61 pass) - don't be like me! pick something you genuinely enjoy

Anonymous, Term 2, 2020