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Course summary notes - lectures & tutorials

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Complete summary of each week All you need to know to ace the exam (which is negatively marked) Do...

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GENM0703 Exam Notes

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The subject was quite easy going but it was just so boring. It wasn't as interesting or fun as I thought it would be. The lectures are no different to any other science lecture, which is a shame because the course is about physical activity and you would think that would be a good opportunity to do something interactive. I had a Sophia and Shaun as my lecturers. None of the online quizzes you do even correlate to what you have learnt in the lectures. But good thing there's Mr Google. For group presentation, make sure you get straight to the point to the topic. I provided the background information for my topic out of my group members and I lost heavy marks for that whereas everyone else discussed something that directly related to the topic so they weren't penalised, which I think is very stupid and unfair.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Very chill subject. You have an hour of lectures and an hour of tutorials every week. Tutorials tend to finish early and rarely go overtime. Assignments are fairly simple. The course is almost like a lifestyle program rather than an academic subject. I had rebecca as my lecturer and she was very sweet + engaging. It was nice to have a break during the lecture where we would stand up and do something rather than sit for an hour.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016