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GENC3004 - Personal Finance Lecture Notes

These notes summarise and synthesise the 14 Personal Finance units which are explored in UNSW's GENC...

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Great course to introduce a student without a financial background to investment and savings strategies which will be useful throughout the various stages of life. I highly recommend this course as it teaches students the fundamental skills which will be required to complete a budget, taxes as well as some investment alternatives.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

If you're willing to sit and listen in a 3 hour lecture every week about how the lecturer has and will always have more money than any career choice you make, bias of course because he's clearly too narrow minded to think outside the business stream, then sure this subject might be for you. There are some useful tips you pick up in this course but overall it's a bit of a boring joke. Pick a different gen ed if you're not on the maths side of things in life. It's really not as easy as everyone says, it's tiresome having to keep track of literally every dollar you earn and spend in an app designed mostly for the benefit of the lecturer and his own research as your spendings and savings become his knowledge. The quizzes were also annoying, the lecturer didn't know how to upload the first quiz so all of a sudden we had most of our assessable items due in one weekend rather than spread out over the semester. Great work....

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014