International Financial Management

Bekaert, Hedrick

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FINS3630 Comprehensive Course Notes

Written by Akhil

Complete summary from each lecture, inclusive of textbook examples and screenshots. L01 – INTRODUCT...

91 pages, 13999 words

Bank Financial Management Midsemester Notes

Written by Ann

Comprehensive Distinction Notes for FINS3630 Bank Financial Management. Topics covered: - Introdu...

16 pages, 9410 words

[ALL TOPICS] FINS3630 Course Notes

Written by James

Covers all topics including: * IR Risk * Credit risk * Market Risk * Sovereign Risk * Liquidity...

72 pages, 16684 words

HD fins2643 Study Notes

Written by Jennifer

Full course notes for Fins3630: Bank Financial Management. Completed Semester 2 2016. Final mark of...

25 pages, 9603 words


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Learn about banks. Pretty good course if you interview for finance positions in banks. Assessment is easy.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Overall a good course. Parts of it are repetitive from previous finance courses, but there is some interesting new content such as VAR and credit risk concepts. The course itself is not too difficult but definitely no pushover. Probably middle of the finance electives pack in terms of difficulty.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015