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FINS3623 Notes - HD

Written by Sandra

Topics: 1. Overview of Private Equity Investments 2. Venture Capital Fund Raising and Fund Structu...

76 pages, 21388 words

FINS3623 (Venture Capital) - Condensed Lecture Notes, Perfect for the Final Exam

Written by Dee

This note cover Week 6 to 10: 6. Qualitative Analyses and Multiples-based Valuation 7. Valuation...

13 pages, 9091 words

FINS3623 Comprehensive Notes - Perfect for Mid-Term and Final Exams

Written by Dee

This note cover Week 1 to 10: 1. Introduction 2. Fund Raising I 3. Fund Raising II 4. Investment...

78 pages, 26445 words

FINS3623 Venture Capital: HD Notes summarising lectures + Revision Questions and Answers

Written by Angela

Includes all weeks from 1 - 12 and some key ideas around revision questions at the end

16 pages, 5220 words

*DEAN'S LIST* (HD) FINS3623 Final Review Notes

Written by Kei

Final mark: 90/100 Summarised and concise, inclusive of lecture notes, diagrams and readings: We...

53 pages, 14790 words

HD FINS3623 NOTES | All lecture content and case analysis

Written by Alex

- Received HD (85+) and Deans List - Content in short answer question format (perfect for exams) -...

53 pages, 15205 words


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