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Alan Marcus, Zvi Bodie, Alex Kane

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CUST Portfolio Management

Bodie / Shen

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FINS2624 Portfolio Management Custom Publication

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UNSW Custom Text FINS2624 Portfolio Management

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Solutions Manual for Investments

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FINS2624 Notes - Distinction

Written by Sandra

Topics: 1. Introduction to Bond Pricing 2. Term Structure of Interest Rates 3. Duration 4. Marko...

47 pages, 13942 words

Comprehensive Portfolio Management Notes

Written by Jess

Notes that summarise key formulas, lecture slides, prescribed and additional readings. Distilled and...

31 pages, 29000 words


Written by Thomas

Notes covering the ENTIRE FINS2624 course, as well as the CUSTOM FINAL EXAM FORMULA SHEET. Received...

25 pages, 7835 words

[HD] FINS2624 Final Exam Notes

Written by James

These notes cover what was examined in the s2 2017 Final exam. This included topics 4 -12. I got...

32 pages, 4680 words

HD (89 Mark) FINS2624 Notes (2017) - Everything You Need For a HD!

Written by Louis

Includes: - ALL content from Lectures, Tutorials + selected parts of the Textbook (Newest Edition)...

33 pages, 8332 words

(HD: 93) FINS2624 Course notes + Exam summary sheets

Written by Antony

Contains: - Extensive notes for lectures and textbook chapters used in the course, with full easy-...

50 pages, 11811 words

HD FINS2624 Study Notes

Written by Mel

These notes were compiled by me throughout the semester and my friends and I both found them really...

85 pages, 10000 words

Concise, Exam-focused High Distinction FINS2624 Notes

Written by Daniel

Detailed notes explaining concepts in a simple manner, highlighting the key points necessary for exa...

28 pages, 4439 words

HD FINAL SUMMARY really helpful for final

Written by Nina

HD FINAL SUMMARY really helpful for final Contains the following parts of the textbook - 8.1-8.4;...

59 pages, 10158 words

FINS2624 Summary + Full Course Notes (2015 S1): Mark = 90

Written by Denny

This contains 2 sets of notes: 1) A summary of the course which focuses on important concepts and...

56 pages, 12675 words


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The subject is really interesting. Badly structured and taught in sem 2

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Need to have good algebra & calculus to understand portfolio optimisation. Weekly quizzes & midterm are easy. Do tutorial questions, you will be fine for the final.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

Straightforward subject. Keep up to date in the lectures, and do homework questions with a legitimate attempt, and there should be little problem getting a HD.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014

Very challenging subject, however when you are able to grasp some of the concept it will be interesting. Recommend that you try and understand the concept as it will help in the application process

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2014