An Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering Pearson International Edition

Holtz, Kovacs, Sheahan*

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CVEN3202 Course Summary Notes

Written by Lachlan

Notes cover all course content from lectures and supplemented by tutorial and past paper material....

41 pages, 11951 words

Typed Distinction CVEN3202 Soil mechanics Notes

Written by Arielle

Distinction CVEN3202 Soil mechanics Notes Includes notes from lectures and worked examples Topics...

59 pages, 8733 words


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Many students find this difficult or boring but it’s a very important subject for those wishing to do geotech in real life. The theoretical groundings this course provided often directly link to the work done in practice for geotechnical engineers and the equations introduced can be used directly to check the validity of computer analysis of real life problems. The lab and tutorial attendance/bonus marks should be seen as easy marks. The quizzes and final exam will often spin the content in a slightly different way, so understanding the actual concepts rather than just how to solve a problem is very important.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016