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High Distinction Typed Engineering Operations and Control Notes

This is a full set of notes for CVEN3101 (Engineering Operations and Control), including the followi...

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HD CVEN3101 Engineering Operations full notes

HD CVEN3101 Engineering Operations full notes, typed - NEW 2018 SYLLABUS COVERED Includes lectur...

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CVEN3101 Study Notes

These are my study notes for Engineering Operations, featuring notes from each week as well as using...

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CVEN3101 Class Notes

These notes summarise all content covered in both lectures and tutorials for CVEN3101. These not...

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This will probably be the biggest waste of time you will ever embark upon. The unit on project scheduling is definitely the most useful and relevant topic. Cost estimation is so basic and is actually easier than the sorts of calculations done in 2nd year construction so I fail to see the point in including the same content again but at an easier level? Engineering economics is important to know about in general, but making us actually do financial calculations is somewhat irrelevant to real life where as engineers we would be interested in the results of such accounting calculations, not doing them ourselves. Finally inventory analysis seems odd and irrelevant. This course seems more suited to a degree in construction management, and while I guess the concepts are somewhat important in understanding real life engineering construction and management it’s just a bit painful to go through as a course. Overall you can do very well in this course, it’s not hard it’s just boring.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017