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High Distinction Typed Engineering Construction Notes

Written by Callum

This is a comprehensive set of course notes for Engineering Construction (CVEN2101), including the f...

13 pages, 4152 words

HD Engineering Construction Notes

Written by Arielle

Concise notes including all necessary lecture material including calculations, tutorial information...

32 pages, 9169 words

CVEN2101 Study Notes

Written by Bryce

These typed notes summarise information from CVEN2101 lectures and tutorials for preparation for exa...

72 pages, 14800 words


$50 per hour

2-hour minimum lesson duration. Online options can be discussed. I am a 2019 graduate with Hon...


The content is moderately interesting, but the assignments are incredibly disorganised. Assignment 1 results were returned weeks after the date specified in the course outline, most likely to avoid returning the results before the MyExperience survey submission. Marking harsh and unreasonable. Zero instruction was given on report-writing, referencing, researching - leaving students completely in the dark for these assignments. The lecturer had enough time to give this kind of advice, but instead spent a ridiculous amount of time showing advertisement videos for construction equipment. This course is well and truly a WAM-killer.

Anonymous, Term 3, 2019

This subject is structured well, but no need to attend every lecture. There are 3 assignments and no exam now and the lecturer is ridiculously old and bad so don't talk to him unless you really can't figure something out. It's mostly just self-work. Make sure your English writing skills are good.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018