Vold's Theoretical Criminology

Bernard, Thomas J.

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Explaining Crime (Distinction) Semester Notes

Written by Nicole

Comprehensive and condensed CRIM3001 notes using lecture material, and readings. Contains page summ...

39 pages, 9040 words


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This is a really important subject in law. Content can be complex so you should try to stay on top of your readings for this one.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Really engaging course to learn about theory, however waaaayyyy too many readings on top of the compulsory ones. Personally didnt do any of the readings but still got a distinction. Dont force yourself to do all the readings if you think you can spend your time better learning the content from the lectures.. they'll say you cant do well without the readings but here I am I did however use the book crime & criminology by white, haines & asquith < so much more concise

Anonymous, Term 2, 2019