Juvenile Justice

Chris Cunneen, Robert Douglas White, Kelly Richards

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CRIM2038 is an interesting subject although the lecturer, Michael is a boring man to listen to. He is very knowledgable in both the academic and practical sense, however he constantly and consistently reads from his PowerPoint slides, word for word. These slides are very long and you will fight the urge to drift off. The course outline is 45 pages long and is VERY difficult to make sense of; often what Michael says contradicts the outline, and Michael doesn't seem to be able to clarify. He marks the roll for each lecture. Tutorials are fantastic, with both tutors, Michael and Sam, as they create an ideal and safe environment which fosters active discussion about each week's topic. I learnt a lot in the tutorials and feel they are the best I've ever had. These classes are also very laid back and relaxed. The assessments are not difficult, although are quite lengthy and require you to reflect upon your own understanding and use your creativity.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2015

This becomes very mundane after a while! It is difficult to keep track of what you are learning each week because so many different topics are integrated in lectures instead of being seperated out.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2013