Crime, Criminality & Criminal Justice

Rob White and Santina Perrone

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Crime and Criminality

Rob White, Fiona Haines and Nicole Asquith

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Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice

Rob White, Lecturer Department of Criminology Santina Perrone, Santina Perrone

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Crime, Criminality and Criminal Justice

Rob White, Lecturer Department of Criminology Santina Perrone, Santina Perrone

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Crime and Criminology

Rob White, Fiona Haines, Nicole Asquith

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crime and criminology

white , haines , asquith

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CRIM1011: Intro to Criminal Justice Notes 2017

Written by Natasha

Full notes including week by week topics summarised from the prescribed textbook and lecturers comme...

25 pages, 5519 words

HD CRIM Course/Exam Notes

Written by Alec

Comprehensive lecture notes designed for easy use, coming with concise in-depth content on concepts...

40 pages, 13480 words

CRIM1011 notes from readings, lectures and tutorials.

Written by Annique

Here are 42 pages of comprehensive notes from the CRIM1011 lectures, readings and tutorials. I recei...

42 pages, 22112 words


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If you've done legal studies in high school, the content is pretty much the same. Lectures were kind of boring and guest lecturers made it difficult to study for particular topics because some didn't provide slides. Had to rely on the textbook to study for the final exam. Assessments were pretty easy, especially the 2 quizzes which were basically a free 20%. Overall it was a bit of a boring course but not too difficult.

Anonymous, Term 2, 2019

loved it

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Content very interesting however it is unclear what is required for the final exam. Readings are interesting and relevant to the lectures, however there were a lot of guest lecturers meaning that the final exam was based on a lot of the readings - so if you didn't do the readings you were in trouble. Tutorials fun with a lot of group work but not necessarily helpful.... Assignments were also interesting to research for. Overall an interesting class, but with not so great execution. :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

This was a really interesting course. The guest lecturers were really interesting to listen to but come exam time, I found that my notes from the lectures weren't really that helpful - the lecturers sometimes went off topic or didn't talk much about the actual topic for the week. At the time, it was great because they usually told stories about their line of work which was engaging but it made it hard when it came to studying for the exam because you have to rely solely off readings for some weeks. Despite this, it was still an interesting course and well worth doing to be able to listen to some really interesting people.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016

I found the lecture theatre (Clancy) way too big and ended up skipping half the lectures. I enjoyed the tutorials a lot, and the group work is engaging. This was a core subject for me but was basically a refresher from legal studies in the HSC. Assessments are heavily weighted (45% essay) and a final exam, except 3 online quizzes worth 5% each were a breeze. If you've done CRIM1010, it's an improvement from that as it isn't history based.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015