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Monique Denyer, Christian Ollivier, Émilie Perrichon

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Les Exercices de Grammaire

Marie-Pierre Caquineau-Gunduz, Yvonne Delatour, Dominique Jennepin, Francoise Lesage-Langot

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Les 500 Exercices de Grammaire

Marie-Pierre Caquineau-Gündüz, Yvonne Delatour, Dominique Jennepin, Françoise Lesage-Langot

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Advanced French A (ARTS3480) Course Notes

Written by Wallace

These ARTS3480 notes include a concise summation of the course and are written in French, including...

11 pages, 2443 words


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Bonjour! I'm a 3rd year Psychology student who loves French. I have recently completed an exchange...