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The structure of the course is 20% group work, 40% essay and 40% final exam. Group work is based on one of the weeks topic and you must present it in your tutorial - it's generally easy marks as long as you attempt to make it interesting while still drawing on the key points from the readings. The essay must be written about one of the topics in the he first half of the semester - also simple and straightforward as long as you have a decent thesis/ understanding of the topic and you don't have too many pointless references. The final exam is comprised of multiple choice,short answers and a long essay. As long as you study all the theorists and how they relate to one another, you shouldn't have any surprises. The lectures are a little long and drawn out and everyone is expected to participate in tutorials. All in all, it was a pretty good course (even though I didn't attend most of the lectures because the weekly readings cover the same thing!)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013