Hamlet Norton Critical Editions Translated By Miola

Shakespeare, William

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Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide 2008

Leonard Maltin

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Introduction to film studies course reader

session 1 2012

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ARTS1060: Introduction to Film Studies - Specific Topics

Written by Anna

Detailed and comprehensive summary notes specifically for film sound, documentary and Iranian cinema...

22 pages, 7374 words

ARTS1060: Introduction to Film Studies - All Topics

Written by Anna

Summary notes for ARTS1060 for all topics. Notes from all lectures, some screenings, all readings e...

57 pages, 57 words


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Personally really love this topic even as a non-film student because it feels like every assessment is a Year 12 English analysis, and as English was the strongest subject I thrive in class discussions. The films we analysed were interesting an out of the ordinary, however I wish we didn't have an end of semester exam for it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017