Wheater's Functional Histology

Barbara Young (Ph. D.)

For sale by Mark for $100

DiFiore's Atlas of Histology with Functional Correlations

Victor P. Eroschenko

For sale by Mark for $70

Junqueira's Basic Histology

Anthony L. Mescher

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Junqueira's Basic Histology

Anthony L. Mescher, L. C. Junqueira

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Junqueira's Basic Histology

Anthony L. Mescher

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Written by William

Contains information for the following practicals: Cardiovascular system Respiratory system Int...

53 pages, 174 words

Practical and lecture notes

Written by Gab

These notes combine both the practical and lecture notes, presenting all information in tables (as s...

123 pages, 6154 words


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I really enjoyed the lectures. It is worth while to going and just watching Patrick do his thing then going home to absorb what you know. It is a memory game but will set you up for all the pathology subjects in the future.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016

Patrick is an awesome tutor/lecturer and really makes this course. Quite challenging and lots of content to absorb, but you'll be thankful for it if you go on to do PATH in semester 2 and Year 3 because you'll be constantly needing to refer to histology knowledge.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2013