Animal Physiology, Third Edition

Hill, Richard W

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interesting content, but wasn't the most engaging subject

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2014

It's certainly an interesting subject if you have a keen interest in animal physiology and differing ways which animals deal with their environment. Definitely would take this in conjunction with some ecology subjects I reckon. The fault of this subject I think is that it felt very rushed, and not just in terms of lecture materials. Lecture capture wouldn't always work (although I can't blame the lecturers for this at all), and there are many lecturers that will take over different sections, which can be a bit jarring to some students. The practicals were by far my least favourite part of the subject, as the rooms won't accommodate for all the students and there's a lot of splitting up into groups and moving around. The content for the practicals weren't hard, but only 2 of them actually memorable or stand out as particularly interesting unfortunately. However, this subject also gives good lessons in scientific writing which is very useful if pursuing 3rd year science. They help you build the skills needed to write a good report slowly but effectively. Overall, enjoyable subject, the 2 main coordinators and lecturers of the subjects are really lovely ladies and there are also a lot of lovely staff and tutors willing to help.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015