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Drugs that Shape Society Topic Summaries (HD)

Written by Lachie

Clear, concise notes. Really helpful to get that HD. Topics: Alcohol/ Prohibition Tobacco Addi...

84 pages, 22758 words


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Probably my favourite breadth subject so far. It covers the social and political backgrounds of a number of drugs in society. The content is modified slightly each year to focus on relevant matters. For example, our assignment was based on the implementation of safe injecting facilities in Sydney and Melbourne and we had some lectures on the current opiate crisis in the USA. The tutorials are basically a space to discuss a range of controversial topics that don't necessarily relate to lecture content - but they are a fantastic opportunity to learn from others and form opinions on complex matters in society. The exam is comprised of short answer questions, half seen and half unseen, and it is easy to prepare for provided you understand the lectures.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Buy the book "Dark Remedy: The Impact of Thalidomide and Its Revival as a Vital Medicine" because it will be in 1 of the 5 exam questions.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017