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Excellent subject, its called secret life of the body now. The lectures were quite interesting and it's great to learn a variety of extremely different yet well-connected topics in the course. The lecturer, David is extremely good at explaining the different concepts, another great thing about the subject is the many guest lecturers, who are experts in their fields, that are invited to speak to us. The assignments are a lot of fun, there are three parts to it - one is a journal, which is just an account of what happened in class and what our thoughts were on the different topics. The second part is a project where we present something to the entire class, the topic is chosen entirely by us based on the ones we learnt in class. The last part is a paper we write based on what we presented in class. The assignments aren't too taxing provided we work on the journal each week (which I failed to do xD). It is one of the most interesting subjects I've done and I would recommend it to everyone. It is a subject where one can get an H1 provided the required effort is put in. I got an 89 with minimum effort.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019