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Is now called Security and Software Testing. This has been the most poorly run subject I have ever done at the university. The lecturer for the first half just regurgitated the online notes that was made by previous subjects lecturer in the form of poorly made power points that looked like they were made the night before. The first assignment they released was rehashed version of the past lecturers assignment that the lecturer didn't seem to understand the changes he made to it. When any one asked for help you got useless sassy answers that just made the assignment even more confusing. The second half of the subject is marginally better as communication is a bit better but the content is only worth about 2 weeks and is dragged out over 5 weeks. Sadly at the time this is a prerequisite subject, but if you can avoid it at all costs. More can be learnt in a few youtube videos.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

If you are expecting you will learn the theory of testing and it's typing, you are wrong. Also, they don't teach you how to use testing libraries e.g. JUnit for Java, but rather their main focus is on how to create a good test suite which covers pretty much every interesting case. I really loved this subject and teachers made an awesome job!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018