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Notes for Spanish2 students

Written by Kathryn

All the grammers taught in Spanish2 were organized clearly in this notes. You can review this subjec...

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This subject, just like Spanish 1, was very well organised. It's more difficult, yes, but that's to be expected when progressing with a language - if anything, it made it much more rewarding that we were able to spontaneously answer questions in the oral exam, having only been learning Spanish for 2 semesters. The assessment is incredibly lenient, with the written exam only worth 20%, and a good chunk of your mark coming from online tasks done at home (as in Spanish 1). Highly recommended to those who enjoyed Spanish 1, and who maintain an interest in the language!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

I took Spanish 1 the previous semester. There is a huge difference between the two subjects. There are a lot of conjugations you need to learn this time around. The oral exam is harder than before as you will talk about the interview you did beforehand for about 5 minutes, and then 5 minutes of Q&A with your tutor, which was very hard for me. Just memorize your first 5 minutes, you will have a decent mark even if you fail at the Q&A portion. The online assessments are a bit harder than before but, you know what they say: Use Spanishdict! I had only 1 day to study for the exam therefore I got an H2B (when I got an H1 the previous semester). So be sure to have time to study for the exam. The ones that had several days to study for the exam got good marks. I took Spanish before and I forgot all about the rules and conjugations, so it is filled with info than Spanish 1.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Great fun

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015