Psychology and Indigenous Australians

Rob Ranzijn, Keith R. McConnochie, Wendy Nolan

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Capstone PSYC30021 Psychological Science: Theory and Practice notes (85% H1)

Written by George

Get a heads up of the lecture content to this thought-provoking and substantial subject. I listened...

36 pages, 17949 words

PSYC30021: Psychological Science: Theory and Practice - Dan Little Mind Map Summaries

Written by Anje

Mind map summaries of Dan Little's lecture series. These mind maps contain all the information you w...

3 pages, 2000 words

Psychology Capstone / Psychological Science: Theory & Practice Lecture notes

Written by Michelle

This is the completed lecture notes for PSYC30021 Psychological Science: Theory & Practice. It i...

56 pages, 9845 words

Psychological Science: Theory and Practice Capstone notes final

Written by Mona

I scored a 86 H1 for this subject overall. These were the PSYC30021 notes that I compiled during...

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Comprehensive yet concise notes for PSYC30021 (Capstone)

Written by Clare

I provide a concise summary of key ideas/issues for each of the four sections of the course. I then...

22 pages, 6990 words


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The lecture content of this course is average at best. However, the research project is great!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

Well-cooordinated, interesting lecture content, and the major assignment was enjoyable! Great at tying together the psychology major.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016