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The Integrated Brain Concise Revision Notes

Written by Michelle

This is the concise revision notes for PSYC30020 The Integrated Brain These notes preserve all of...

39 pages, 9376 words

The Integrated Brain Practice Questions and Answers (High H1)

Written by James

I created these practice short answer questions/answers as a way of preparing for the Integrated Bra...

25 pages, 7822 words

The Integrated Brain Lecture Notes

Written by Michelle

This is the completed lecture notes for PSYC30020 The Integrated Brain. It is precise and includ...

104 pages, 13015 words

PSYC300020: The Integrated Brain Comprehensive Lecture / Reading Revision

Written by Heidi

Highly detailed and comprehensive lecture and reading summaries including diagrams and images from l...

107 pages, 22437 words

Yong Hui

$25 per hour

Hi all! I am current a fourth year student in psychology at Melbourne University. I am happy to h...


Having only been offered for a couple of years, this subject is incredibly interesting. Note that a large portion of the lectures are dedicated to the subject of sleep.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018