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H1 POPH20001 Course notes (94)

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Complete, detailed and colourful POPH notes compiled from lecture notes and guest notes include man...

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H1 POPH20001 Genetics Health & Society Summary Notes

Written by Tali

These notes provide all the information needed to achieve an H1 in Genetics Health and Society! Pe...

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POPH20001 Notes

Written by William

Very detailed notes on every lecture taught. All important diagrams and charts explained alongside t...

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COMPLETE & DETAILED Genetics, Health and Society LECTURE & EXAM REVISION Notes (for H1)

Written by Michelle

Extremely detailed set of notes that helped me achieve H1 in this subject. Has ample revision for ex...

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Summary notes

Written by Jemima

notes for each of the lectures

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Complete Lecture Summary Notes

Written by Alisha

Organised and summarised notes for key ideas of all lectures. Key knowledge for assessments also hig...

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topics were interesting but rather vague, as most of them only go into broader topics instead of focusing into the industry details.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Great subject. Provides you with a basic introduction to genetics as well as covering the legalities associated with the use of genetic material in testing and ownership in Australia. The subject is run well by coordinators who are friendly and always willing to help. Assessments consist of a group oral presentation and project which is nice because you get to work with your friends :) as well as 3 online quizzes (10MCQs per test and given ample time of 1 hour) and 2hr end of semester exam. Would definitely recommend. Easy H1 as long as you watch all lectures and participate in tutorials. Great way to boost your GPA :)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017