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A great subject that builds and extends on Research-Based Physiology. Essentially, you get to choose 1 research topic from an assigned list. In groups of around 8-10, you design and complete your own experiment to test your hypothesis. It definitely isn't as hand-holdy as RBP but supervisors are more than happy to help if you need it. There are little assessments throughout the semester to keep your group on track like a group annotated bibliography, individual oral presentation on a journal article, and individual experimental journal entries (LabArchives). However, these assignments are not heavily weighted. The most important assessment is your individual 'journal' submission. Similar to RBP, you need to write up the results from your experiment in the style of the Journal of Physiology. This wasn't too difficult imho and was marked very fairly. Just don't leave it to the last minute as it is a lot of work. There is an assessment literacy module available to show you how the markers are expected to assess papers (this was quite useful). Anonymous peer review is also available for draft sections of your paper. This isn't mandatory though so beware that you might not get any feedback. Overall, a great subject that teaches you a lot about the research process.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021