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This subject was probably the most enjoyable subject of my degree - challenging (but not too much so), interesting and well-run. That being said, it was A LOT of work; I'd say 15+ hours for each project (5 projects altogether, which form the entirety of the assessment). Don't do this subject if you want to bludge. I found that a lot of my other subjects suffered during the semester because I was always working on Comp Phys. If you do put in the hours, however, you are almost guaranteed good marks. Many of the projects I handed in I cringed at because of their lack of quality... and then managed to get over 80% for. The marking is quite lenient. It is recommended to have had some prior coding experience before taking this subject. However, I had no coding experience, and after borrowing 'Programming in C for Dummies' in the semester break before the subject started, I did fine. :)

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015