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Best subject I’ve ever done at uni!! Chiara was a fantastic teacher, her lecture slides were all super clear and had all of the important information laid out and were incredibly easy to understand, and you could tell she was super passionate about what she was teaching us and she explained the concepts perfectly. The assessment was also great- the weekly proforma was a great way to consolidate our weekly lectures, and I think lots of people did really well in this subject overall and I would definitely say H1 is highly possible but more importantly you will get to learn about really interesting health issues in a very engaging manner; I genuinely always wanted to study for this subject it was that good. I really cannot recommend it enough and I think the workload was definitely manageable, even the readings were not super dense. The other tutors were also great and super helpful and Chiara was always helping people who had questions on the discussion board too!!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021