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This was a really enjoyable subject!! (until you see your results) There is so much time to interact with others, help one another reach notes, but we usually end up laughing together when one is out of tune. Unfortunately the grading system is highly subjective.. or perhaps, only Tracey, our teacher, was. Unless you stand out from the rest, unless you have the confidence to sing your heart out as a soloist, unless you form a bond with her, you are far away from a H1. It bothers me that she was stressed for the entire semester and she did not have an adequate rubric on marking (attendance, improvement, participation, performance). For example, she would say "You will start to lose marks if you are late from now on" and she would say this every week for at least 5 weeks. It is really sad for such a wonderful subject. At the end, I had received the grade I believed I did not receive and therefore, I sent numerous emails, attended a meeting with the head of the music department and coordinator. They listened to me but unfortunately, they couldn't change my participation grades as they trusted Tracey's judgement. I got reassessed for my song submission and ultimately, received a grade 4 marks higher than my previous grade which I personally think is a huge jump.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017