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A fun easy subject, you don't NEED to have previous knowledge of music theory (or even a good singing voice - i know i don't). All there is to it is to listen to 1 hour lectures a week that aren't even that relevant to assessments (they're essentially just Sondheim's Wikipedia page read out over 10 weeks), then 2 hours of singing and learning the music. all you have to do is follow what everyone else is doing, you'll learn the lyrics through repetition eventually and in the final week move to a different room for a 'performance' in front of about 6 random people who happened to be in that room having their lunch. its very low stakes, an easy subject. Assessments were 3 simple blogs, a quick in class test, and a final essay - of which there was little guidance given, no feedback, and arbitrary marking based on the whims of the lecturer. tl;dr: Fun easy class, but a vague and harsh marking of the final essay.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017