Janeway's immunobiology

Kenneth P. Murphy, Paul Travers, Mark Walport, Charles Janeway

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Medical and Applied Immunology Notes

Written by Robert

Notes and summaries of all lectures covered throughout the semester. Structured in a clear and s...

37 pages, 19216 words

MST1 mock MCQs and short answer questions

Written by David

Topic covered: -Tolerance -Functions of all cells in the immune system -Coeliac disease -B cell...

18 pages, 6683 words

MIIM3003 Notes

Written by David

Read succinct summaries on: tolerance, transplantation, barrier immunity, antigen presentation, diab...

17 pages, 3140 words

Med & applied immunology

Written by Y

It covers all the lectures in med & applied immune apart from the flip classes. Those notes are...

81 pages, 31347 words


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Comprehensive subject, covering various immunological concepts and processes. Ties the theoretical processes into medical and clinical perspective, highlighting the effect/role of the immune system in health and pathologies. Lectures are given by researchers/health practitioners who are at the forefront of the latest research development for the disease/condition and its management in patients. This was quite exciting and provided with an insight into possible research pathways, we as students can undertake post-university or undergraduate studies. The subject also integrated team-based tutorials which helped a lot with solving integrative questions, and better preparing for the exam. Overall, the subject was coordinated and delivered quite well. However, it is a content bulky subject, as well as, intellectually challenging and requires a consistent learning approach.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019