Janeway's immunobiology

Kenneth P. Murphy, Paul Travers, Mark Walport, Charles Janeway

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Medical and Applied Immunology Notes

Written by Robert

Notes and summaries of all lectures covered throughout the semester. Structured in a clear and s...

37 pages, 19216 words

MIIM3003 Notes

Written by David

Read succinct summaries on: tolerance, transplantation, barrier immunity, antigen presentation, diab...

17 pages, 3140 words

Med & applied immunology

Written by Y

It covers all the lectures in med & applied immune apart from the flip classes. Those notes are...

81 pages, 31347 words


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Currently studying MD2 at University of Melbourne (2019). Graduated from Bachelor of Biomedicine (20...


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I am a 1st year Doctor of Medicine student at the University of Melbourne, having recently graduated...


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I finished the Bachelor of Biomedicine, with Honours, with a major in Microbiology, Infection and Im...


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Hi. i'm a PhD student studying T cell immunology at the Doherty Institute. Before that I complete...