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MIIM20001 - Full Lecture Notes + Tutorial + Practical - H1 (94) - SM1 2020

Full Lecture Notes (30 total) PLUS Tutorial Notes PLUS Practical Notes. Topics covered include: -...

147 pages, 41944 words

2019 S1 MIIM20001 Notes

This is note is written throughout the semester, and covers ALL the details you need to know on this...

153 pages, 44881 words

MIIM20001 Comprehensive H1 Lecture Notes

These notes comprehensively and concisely cover all 12 weeks of lecture content. The text is brightl...

40 pages, 18913 words

H1 MIIM20001 notes 2020 S1

These notes cover all lectures from weeks 1 to 12, and are written throughout the semester and then...

41 pages, 16360 words

MIIM20001 Detailed Lecture Notes Part 2

Due to size restrictions on what we can upload, I've unfortunately had to split the notes I've made...

76 pages, 20014 words

MIIM20001 Detailed Lecture Notes Part 1

Due to size restrictions on what we can upload, I've unfortunately had to split the notes I've made...

78 pages, 19155 words

Microbiology and Immunology ALL lectures (1-36) notes

Detailed lecture notes of all content within the subject covered in this subject: -History of micro...

63 pages, 19045 words

Lecture Notes for MST1

Well Organised!

35 pages, 10491 words

Comprehensive Lecture Summary Notes for MIIM20001

A comprehensive set of notes covered all 36 Lectures, including diagrams and pictures. Organised int...

68 pages, 16124 words


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This subject is super interesting. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm and the effort put into the lectures. The content is a great balance of difficult and fascinating. One of my favourite subjects I have done at this uni.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

This subject was so interesting! The subject coordinator was super friendly and always willing to help when I had concerns. Overall, I am very happy with the H1 I got!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Unreasonable exam time

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

One of my subjects got cancelled due to COVID-19, so I was forced to choose another subject. I decided on MIIM20001 as I thought the subject would be interesting and beneficial to my major. Although I was 3/4 weeks lectures behind and had less than a week to prepare for the first MST, I would say the overall MSTs in terms of level of difficulty and time limit were quite fair and weren't that difficult to score if you put in effort (the tests were also open book). However, I would like to comment on the final exam, which I personally think the distribution of questions and time limit given was very very badly organised. The weightage of the final exam was 60% and they expected us to complete three sections of the paper within 1.5 hour. I believe the final exam would be a lot better if we had been given more time, especially the last section which required a lot of fast typing. Many students did not manage to complete the paper as some needed more time to think and type long answers. Overall, as other reviews mentioned, the content of this subject is interesting, however, I don't find it as rewarding.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

overall a pretty average subject. It really deserves 3 stars but Karena's lectures bumped it up to a 4 because she is so organised and her lectures have GREAT structure that make it super clear how everything relates to each other. On the other hand, i found Jason's lectures to be very tedious as they significantly lacked structure. I had to rewatch all of his lectures and still struggled to make sense of some aspects and how it all relates. I was really heartbroken that we weren't able to complete the practical classes in person but i found the online alternative to still be quite rewarding. both MSTs (40 mc each) were very fair and most students were able to score highly especially as it was open book. I did not feel pushed for time in these and it was very relaxed. However, the exam was a different story. It was under a tight time constraint and i focus that the questions, in all sections, were not comparable to the type of questions that were asked in the MSTs. The short answer section specifically had very vague questions and very limited time to construct answers. With all that said, the subject content it quite interesting and engaging at least for the first 10 weeks. (PS. the subject is about 3/4 microbiology and 1/4 immunology, so don't be fooled like me and go in thinking it's mostly gone to be immunology)

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

Really interesting but does have quite a bit of memorising, some things are repeated from pharmacology (drugs name and function). There are a few topics that are more poorly thought and lecturer just ask you to read the textbook to build on more knowledge or on knowledge they explained poorly (sometimes tested in the exam/ test) which is quite unfair if you can't commit more time and if you are not a biology genius.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Content was interesting later in the semester but was poorly taught. Can be very dry, do not take it if you're not particularly interested in the nitty gritty.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

A lot of information but well taught subject! Lecturers are all very keen in helping you learn if you do ask. May seem dry but it is very useful for MIIM20002 onwards

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Content is taught in a strange order, i think it is to ensure that you are understanding how each component overlaps with one another. Making these connections early on in your studies will increase your chances of doing well in this subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

A lot of content to learn and it is quite dry, overall not very well taught and in a terrible order. It can be really hard to follow sometimes

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016