Abdi Majid

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Abdi Majid

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Written by Bridget

Summary of following lectures: Introduction to Strategic Management Business Models and Vision, M...

25 pages, 9170 words

MGMT30013: Strategic Management - Complete Course Summary

Written by Jonathan

This is a complete course summary for the subject 'MGMT30013: Strategic Management'

16 pages, 7485 words

MGMT30013: Strategic Management Notes

Written by Daniella

Complete set of notes, used to get an H1 in this subject.

42 pages, 11000 words

Strategic Management H1 notes

Written by Ying

Comprehensive learning objective summaries, including: 1. External environmental analysis 2....

26 pages, 6050 words

Strategic Management Notes

Written by Elyssa

Comprehensive Strategic Management (MGMT30013) notes including detailed additions from prescribed te...

73 pages, 20694 words


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It is a straight forward and easy subject, assignments are simple and exam is all from the lecture notes.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

The lecture notes are too messy and the final exam was out of topic. The lecturer Majid is annoy with bad manner , thus very few students attend the lecture. You also cannot be marked by your own tutor for your individual assignment, which can drag down your mark and lead to fail. This the last subject you want to choose.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016