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☆ COMPLETE & CONCISE NOTES ☆ - MGMT30004: International Human Resource Management

Hello There! I undertook International Human Resource Management in 2019 and found the subject to...

40 pages, 9867 words

H1 IHRM Notes from IHRM Tutor

I am a tutor for IHRM and these are my notes that I made when I took the subject. They ended up gett...

37 pages, 6615 words

IHRM Notes

IHRM Notes from 2019 - Covers all lectures from Week 1-12 SECTIONS COVERED IN THE EXAM 1. Globa...

30 pages, 3980 words

Very Detailed Notes (International Human Resource Management)

These notes cover the examinable content from International Human Resource Managment. The following...

39 pages, 12695 words


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Subject Was very boring at times, lecturer was hard to understand over the virtual teaching. If you want to do well in the subject, I would definitely recommend buying the textbook. It pretty much saved my semester. Assignments were very harshly marked. Exam was pretty good, if you want to do well, make sure you do a few timed practice questions. Tutes were pretty fun too!

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2020

Subject wasn’t too bad. Lecturer was engaging and interactive

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017