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Don't let the fairly low score fool you, I did quite like this subject, but it has some problems. In fairness to the lecturer, his actual lectures are excellent, he is quite accessible and helpful, and he did acknowledge that the tutes were quite bad, as well as the marking system making the first assignment a bit ridiculous, so hopefully this will be fixed for future years (in order to get a good mark you didn't need to use any of the knowledge gained from the subject! We were encouraged to use heuristics, which weren't covered in the subject at all). The group assignment was interesting but lacked structure and a clear connection to the actual content (again you might use little to any of the stuff covered in lectures). Combined with the exam worth just 40% means you can get a decent mark without knowing any of the content from lectures! Also it's worth noting that the lecturer annoyingly insists on putting everything on OneNote (including lectures) which can hinder study.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018