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This subject is quite mixed, with a lot of good stuff, a bit of bad stuff and nothing in between. The lecturer was really friendly, quite funny, and very passionate. Unfortunately, he was quite disorganised (not giving out or giving marks for assignments on time for example), he was often unclear in lectures, and slides contained many errors. The tutorials were pretty much a waste of time as there was no discussion like other maths subjects, and solutions to questions were put online anyway. As for the content, this is a quite easy subject, especially compared with other 3rd year maths subjects. Apart from assignments you can get away with doing very little throughout the semester. The assignments on the whole were too long, mostly with tedious stuff, but they were very easy. The most interesting part of this subject by far was the group assignment. You will probably end up spending a lot of time on it, but it was very interesting getting to do a major assignment in a maths subject. Also, the exam is only 50% which is great if you're used to 80% in most maths subjects!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017