A Student's Introduction to English Grammar

Rodney D. Huddleston & Geoffrey K. Pullum

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*IF YOU ARE DOING SYNTAX IN SEM 2 MAKE SURE YOU DO GRAMMAR IN SEM 1* Just be prepared to work really REALLY hard in this subject. I am a Linguistics major and took this subject in SEM 1 2021, and thought it would be easy and fun after reading the other reviews. Honestly, it was pretty tough and the assessments are not easy. I have a H1 WAM and i got a H3 in this subject.... Peter is an awesome lecturer and tutor, if you ever need help you can always turn to him for support. I improved so much from the 1st assessment to the 2nd after seeking extra help from peter. Now that i am doing syntax (the required subject for sem 2 year 2 in the ling major), i can't imagine how difficult it would be if i didn't do Grammar of English in sem 1. Honestly, they should make this a pre req for syntax, i am only able to keep up in Syntax because i did Grammar of English the sem before. In sum, the lectures in this subject are actually really well structured and the tutorials are great practice for the assessment tasks. It's quite easy to fall behind, make sure you actually do the textbook readings and do the tutorial activity BEFORE the tutorial, that way you can actually ask questions. Just be warned, its not an easy subject and i know alot of people that just passed. I'm not sure if it moving online increased the difficulty from previous semesters, because the exam was harddddd. If you're doing syntax in sem 2, this subject is a MUST.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021

Peter coordinates and teaches this subject very well. The lecture content, tutorials (including exercises), assignments, and exams are all intimately related. This means that you have multiple chances to understand where you are going wrong and later have the opportunity to fix this. Whether you have a general interest in English grammar, want to teach English in the future, or be something like an editor, this subject will give you the tools to pursue this pathway.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Really great subject - genuinely interesting (if it's your thing) and taught extremely well. Some topics are a bit more challenging than others, but the tutors/tutorials are incredibly helpful if you're struggling. Definitely seek clarification if you don't understand something, because each week kind of builds on the last and you don't want to fall behind. The weekly tute exercises, two assignments and exam are all pretty straightforward too.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019

Material is made interesting by entertaining lecturer. Tutes are helpful. Pretty straightforward to get good marks if you pay attention in lectures and tutes and do a little work out of class.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

I would say it is not hard to get a H2A, and lecturer is really nice

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016