Remedies Cases and Materials in Australian Private Law

Katy Barnett, Kenneth Yin, Martin Allcock

For sale by Eloise for $50

Competition Law Exam Hypo Notes

These extended notes for Competition Law contain relevant cases, legal principles and statutory prov...

45 pages, 19570 words

H1 (83) Concise, Streamlined and Comprehensive Competition Law Notes

These notes are concise, comprehensive and hypo streamlined. In many key areas, they have been recon...

15 pages, 5406 words

Competition Law Exam Notes

Exam notes covering all topics from Semester 2, 2020 taught by Phillip Clarke. Achieved an 84 in his...

53 pages, 22801 words

Competition Law - H1 - full notes

These Competition Law notes provide complete support for the hypo notes that are also for sale. A mi...

132 pages, 92888 words

Competition Law Exam Essay Notes

These extended notes for Competition Law contains relevant guidance required for the essay component...

65 pages, 29124 words

Competition Law Notes

Short notes to assist with hypotheticals

73 pages, 10000 words

Competition Law Exam/Hypo Notes

Exam & Hypothetical Notes for Competition Law. Outlines: - Relevant case notes & "rules" - Col...

30 pages, 14039 words


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