Australian Family Law

Belinda Fehlberg, Rae Kaspiew, Jenni Millbank, Fiona Kelly, Juliet Behrens

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H1 Family Law Exam Notes - Sem 2, 2019

Written by Mona

These are the notes with which I scored a H1 in the subject in Semester 2, 2019. Included are: - Re...

125 pages, 58772 words

H1 Exam Notes for Family Law

Written by Amiinah

I used these notes for the exam and scored high marks. It is very detailed and includes both class n...

52 pages, 29921 words

H1 Essay Notes for Family Law

Written by Amiinah

Personal notes from the required readings throughout the semester.

34 pages, 13900 words

Family Law Notes and Hypothetical Structure

Written by Alanna

All readings and lecture notes from Family Law semester 1 (2018), condensed and annotated. The t...

81 pages, 47507 words

Family Law Short Notes

Written by Nicole

Short exam-style notes for Family Law - perfect for approaching hypotheticals and understanding all...

25 pages, 10745 words


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Belinda is a rare find in that she is a wealth of knowledge and an amazing teacher. The guest speakers shed light on the practical side of family law.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015