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I am currently taking this subject over the summer - it is already one of the best subjects I have taken at University. I was afraid it would be a little out of my depth as an arts student, but the content has invigorated the knowledge I have of my disciplines and provided deeper insight into historical concerns. In regards to the arts, this subject would be a useful elective for psychology/anthropology/history/geography majors, and even classical majors because there is an emphasis on ancient civilizations perceptions of the world (specifically Greek and Roman). Both lecturers/tutors are unbiased in their approach to teaching, which is a refreshing change in arts subjects. There certainly is A LOT of reading, but if you start early (they release readings a week or so before the teaching period) you will be fine. Also, definitely read the recommended text for deeper knowledge of the content (besides it's just a great read!).

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2021