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This subject concerns the "long nineteenth century" from 1789 - 1914, or, the beginning of the French Revolution to the beginning of the First World War. It covers the main historical events as well as long term social, political and economic developments of the era: the industrial revolution, the Napoleonic wars, the 1848 revolutions, European colonisation of Africa, as well as other interesting changes including scientific and political innovations, like the rise of hygiene and urban planning. There is also an interesting section on the rise of nineteenth century ideologies: socialism, liberal capitalism, marxism, chartism etc. Overall "Modern European History" is an important survey subject, filling crucial gaps in any undergrad student's knowledge of modern Europe. However, the breadth of content occasionally comes at the expense of depth of study, but if there is a particular topic you want to cover in more depth, the final research essay gives that opportunity. As for the other assessment, there is a document analysis early in the semester and a 500 word 'diary entry' later on.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018