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This subject was very interesting but poorly organised. The main lecturer, Stephen Gallagher, is a lovely guy, but his lectures were very hard to follow. We were expected to remember obscure knowledge, and he rarely wrote things down on the actual slides, so good luck to you if you couldn't make out his handwriting on the blackboard. Just some clear learning intentions would have made my life so much easier. I'm not a geology student (there were no prereqs for this subject), but it felt like there was a lot of assumed knowledge that was not communicated to students, and so I struggled keeping track of what he was talking about. While looking at fossils were fun, the pracs became a little boring after a while, and it was impossible to answer any of the questions associated with the practical without chasing Stephen down to ask for the context. There was also no forum like Ed or campuswire for this subject. The other lecturers were a lot better - Anne-Marie, Vera and Ashleigh are super friendly, clear and passionate about their content. The major assignments for this subject, the literature reviews, were marked generously enough, although the lack of a rubric or any guidance meant I was marked down on things I didn't realise they were looking for. I really did love the content of this subject as I found it super fascinating, but the content was very hard to follow which was disappointing. My grades in this subject were substantially lower than my normal grades. I don't regret taking it because of how interesting the content is, but I desperately hope that they make some adjustments for future years. If you're not interested in palaeontology then don't bother, it won't be a WAM booster.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023

Very poorly organised. Not a geology subject.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017