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GENE30005: Human and Medical Genetics - Concise Lecture by Lecture Notes (H1)

These concise lecture by lecture notes provide a succinct, yet equally sufficient set of notes suita...

24 pages, 8629 words

GENE30005 Notes

Concise and Easy to Read Notes with appropriate highlighting and separated into lectures and their s...

74 pages, 63566 words

Lecture 1-15

Summary of first 15 lectures - Good for revision.

23 pages, 6465 words


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I was a little worried when I noticed that Irene Gallego Romero was no longer coordinating this subject, however I'm very glad that my concerns were rendered invalid. The current coordinator, Patricia, is one of the nicest professors in the school of biosciences, and you can clearly see how much effort she puts into making this a good subject. The other lecturers were great as well - Mike Murray in particular had some of the clearest lectures I've ever seen, despite arguably having the most content heavy unit. The lectures were relatively straightforward (although I already had a genetics background so may be a bit more complicated for non-genetics majors) and the tests didn't include any trick questions. The assignments were marked pretty graciously in my opinion. The group project certainly involved quite a bit of effort - definitely not something you would be able to easily complete last minute. The exam was also relatively straight forward. The content was a little dry at times, however the variability of the content presented kept me engaged throughout the entire semester. I would say it was comparable but less dry than GENE30002. Overall, not the most exciting subject in the world, but definitely one I would take again. Easy enough to score well in if you put in the effort, and the teaching staff are all lovely.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2023