Introduction to Genetic Analysis, 9th edition


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module 1 and first part of module 2

Written by Jiawen

Covers module 1 and first part of module 2 (L3-15). Good summary for revision

20 pages, 5940 words

Comprehensive Subject Notes for GENE20002

Written by Joseph

These notes summarise everything you need to know. These notes are organised by lecture topic....

77 pages, 9400 words

GENE20002 Notes

Written by Dionne

Descriptive & condensed summaries of ALL lectures in GENE20002.

64 pages, 51356 words


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Definitely more content heavy than Principles of Genetics but it's not difficult to keep up with the lectures and get a pretty good mark.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015

It is very interesting and the lecturers are funny. Only downside being that most of my lectures clashes with biochem so i can only attend 1 lectures per week. The content is not difficult but takes a lot of practise. If you are into the mathematical and logical side of things you should definitely do it.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2016